2.4G USB 2.0 Wireless1200 DPI Mouse Slim Mice 2.4G Receiver

Product Description


1.2.4GHz Free moving in 10 meters
2.Resolution frequency (500dpi ┬ĘC1,000dpi) conversion through the resolution frequency conversion button
3.Plug and Play. You can use it easily
4.Rolling line by line up and down , rolling column by column from left to right
5.Sound adjustment and mute function
6.Low-voltage alarming function
7. Receiver storage space and carrying easily
8.Function of “Last” and “Next”


1.Wireless carrier frequency: 2,402MHz-2,480 MHz
2.16 wireless working channels, automatic frequency jumping
3.Rated working current: 15mA
4.Rated working voltage: 1.5V
5.Maximum acceleration: 14 inches per second
6.Resolution: 500CPI/1,000CPI adjustable


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